7:00 am Hope For Today AFG 6512 12th Ave NW, Seattle, WA, USA 6512 12th Ave NW Seattle district-21 Open, Wheelchair Accessible
8:15 am Friday Morning How AFG Works 425 Spring St, Friday Harbor, WA, USA 425 Spring St Friday Harbor district-24 Open, Wheelchair Accessible
8:30 am Twisp Friday Morning AFG 77 E 4th Ave, Twisp, WA, USA 4th Ave Twisp district-6 Closed
10:00 am Eye Opener AFG 1251 Main Ave, Morton, WA, USA 1251 Main Ave Morton district-9 Open, Wheelchair Accessible
10:00 am Highlands Friday AM AFG 722 N 145th St, Shoreline, WA, USA 722 N 145th St Shoreline district-21 Open
Noon Lunch Bunch AFG 221 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Yakima, WA, USA 221 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Yakima district-7 Closed, Wheelchair Accessible
Noon Friday Nooners AFG 2650 148th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA, USA 2650 148th Ave SE Bellevue district-16 Open
Noon Shelton AFG 324 W Cedar St, Shelton, WA, USA 324 W Cedar St Shelton district-10 Open
Noon Courage To Changers AFG 701 Franklin St SE, Olympia, WA, USA 701 Franklin St SE Olympia district-10 Closed, Wheelchair Accessible
Noon TGIF AFG 73 S Palouse St, Walla Walla, WA, USA 73 S Palouse St Walla Walla district-1 Open
Noon Noon AFG 7968 Finch Rd NE, Bainbridge Island, WA, USA 7968 Finch Rd NE Bainbridge Island district-26 Beginner, Open, Wheelchair Accessible
Noon Friday Noon AFG 8478 W Gage Blvd, Kennewick, WA, USA 8478 W Gage Blvd Kennewick district-4 Open, Wheelchair Accessible
1:30 pm New Day AFG 21608 O Ln, Ocean Park, WA, USA 21608 O Ln Ocean Park district-9 Open, Wheelchair Accessible
5:30 pm Silverlake Serenity AFG 1210 132nd St SE, Mill Creek, WA, USA 1210 132nd St SE Mill Creek district-23 Closed, Wheelchair Accessible
6:00 pm End Your Week Right AFG 1201 S Miller St, Wenatchee, WA, USA 1201 S Miller St Wenatchee district-5 Open, Wheelchair Accessible
6:00 pm Friday Night Lights AFG 127 E 12th Ave, Spokane, WA, USA 127 E 12th Ave Spokane district-2 Closed, Wheelchair Accessible
6:00 pm Ferndale Friday AFG 2376 Main St, Ferndale, WA, USA 2376 Main St Ferndale district-25 Open, Wheelchair Accessible
6:30 pm Think About It Friday Night AFG 1111 W Fremont Ave, Selah, WA, USA 1111 W Fremont Ave Selah district-7 Closed
6:30 pm Ok AFG 26905 Orting Kapowsin Hwy E, Graham, WA, USA 26905 Orting Kapowsin Hwy E Graham district-13 Open
7:00 pm Serenidad GFA 1001 W Yakima Ave, Yakima, WA, USA 1001 W Yakima Ave Yakima district-7 Closed, Spanish
7:00 pm Yes AFG 1231 S 76th St, Tacoma, WA, USA 1231 S 76th St Tacoma district-12 Closed, Wheelchair Accessible
7:00 pm Finding Freedom AFG 1401 Cleveland Ave, Mount Vernon, WA, USA 1401 Cleveland Ave Mount Vernon district-24 Open
7:00 pm Vive GFA 14200 SE 13th Pl, Bellevue, WA, USA 14200 SE 13th Pl Bellevue district-16 Beginner, Open, Smoking Permitted, Spanish, Wheelchair Accessible
7:00 pm Freeland Free To Change AFG 1460 E Hwy 525, Freeland, WA, USA 1460 WA-525 Freeland district-23 Closed, Wheelchair Accessible
7:00 pm South Sound Steppers AFG 1515 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia, WA, USA 1515 Harrison Ave NW Olympia district-10 Open
7:00 pm Let Go And Let God AFG 231 3rd Ave S, Okanogan, WA, USA 231 3rd Ave S Okanogan district-6 Closed
7:00 pm Vida Nueva GFA 336 2nd Ave S, Kent, WA, USA 336 2nd Ave S Kent district-14 Babysitting Available, Open, Spanish
7:00 pm Get A Life AFG 3808 Pennsylvania St, Longview, WA, USA 3808 Pennsylvania St Longview district-9 Open
7:00 pm Home AFG 4306 132nd St SE, Mill Creek, WA, USA 4306 132nd St SE Mill Creek district-23 Open, Wheelchair Accessible
7:00 pm TGIF AFG 805 Columbia Ridge Dr., Vancouver, WA, USA 805 Columbia Ridge Dr Vancouver district-8 Open, Wheelchair Accessible
7:15 pm North End AFG 3502 N Mullen St, Tacoma, WA, USA 3502 N Mullen St Tacoma district-12 Closed
7:30 pm Buckley AFG 152 S Cottage St, Buckley, WA, USA 152 Cottage St S Buckley district-13 Open
7:30 pm Kent All Mens AFG Men 310 3rd Ave S, Kent, WA, USA 310 3rd Ave S Kent district-14 Beginner, Men, Open, Wheelchair Accessible
7:30 pm Seattle Men's AFG Men 7706 25th Ave NW, Seattle, WA, USA 7706 25th Ave NW Seattle district-21 Men, Open, Wheelchair Accessible
7:30 pm Hope On Hwy 9 AFG 9428 4th St SE, Lake Stevens, WA, USA 9428 4th St SE Lake Stevens district-23 Open, Wheelchair Accessible
8:00 pm Friday Night LGBT AFG 115 15th Ave E Ste 201, Seattle, WA, USA 115 15th Ave E #201 Seattle district-20 Closed, Wheelchair Accessible
8:00 pm TGIF AFG 19523 84th Ave W, Edmonds, WA, USA 19523 84th Ave W Edmonds district-22 Open, Wheelchair Accessible
8:00 pm New Beginnings AFG 4220 80th St NE, Marysville, WA, USA 4220 80th St NE Marysville district-23 Closed, Wheelchair Accessible
8:00 pm Redmond Friday Night AFG 9041 166th Ave NE, Redmond, WA, USA 9041 166th Ave NE Redmond district-15 Open, Wheelchair Accessible