The New Site (AKA Project Blue)

Why the new site?

Soooo many reasons!

  • We moved hosting companies, their tool set wasn’t compatible with the old software.
  • Old website software had some licensing issues.
  • New site is a little more friendly for mobile devices.
  • We fully own and operate this site at a much lower cost.
  • Integrated a great set of tools for the DR’s and Panel members to use!
  • We have a better way to do Al-Anon and Alateen Meeting locating.
  • New site has a little better GeoLocation Software. Meeting locator will find closest meetings to you easier.
  • We’re finally able to do online transactions! We can accept donations and you can pay for event registrations!
  • Blue is a great color. We love it.
  • We want feedback to make this a better site, we can do this by feedback.

My old username and password isn’t working, what should I do?

The webeditor ported over most of the users. Passwords were reset though for most Non-DR accounts.

  • Click under “Members” you can click “Lost Password” and you should receive a password reset via email.
  • If you weren’t a DR, you can always recreate your account.
  • Contact the webeditor. They can manually fix.

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