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We who live or have live with the problem of Alcoholism understand, as perhaps few others can.  Al-Anon is a unique fellowship that unites members of different backgrounds, races and walks of life in an inspiring endeavor: helping themselves and other to lead purposeful, useful lives by overcoming the frustration and helplessness caused by close association with an alcoholic. Alateen is also a part of Al-Anon and is geared toward younger members.

Washington Area Al-Anon Family Groups, Inc. is a non-profit organization that is self-supporting through voluntary contributions of its membership.  We are part of a world-wide effort to help the family and friends of problem drinkers.

If you are new to Al-Anon

…or want more information concerning Al-Anon Family Groups, Please contact our Headquarters by clicking here.

If you are a professional

…and would like to be contacted by someone from Washington State about Al-Anon Family Groups, please email: Outreach@wa-al-anon.org

Alateen Meetings

…are for teen members.  More information can be found on the Alateen Page.  For questions or concerns contact alateen@wa-al-anon.org

Electronic Meetings are by Telephone

For information, time and numbers click for a link to the World Service Office: Al-Anon Electronic Meetings and schedule.

What is an Open Meeting?

Open meetings are for anyone who has been affected by someone else’s drinking, and those who are interested in learning about Al-Anon Family Groups.

What is a Closed Meeting?

Closed meetings are only for people who have been affected by someone else’s drinking.

For general questions or comments,

Please E-mail: outreach@wa-al-anon.org