Summer Seminar Assembly (SSA) 2021: A Weekend of Virtual Workshops on May 21-23.

All members are invited to attend 9 informative workshops, 3 Al-Anon meetings as well as listen to our WA Area Delegate’s World Service Conference (WSC) Report and attend the closing speaker meeting with featured speaker Ruth F.

The Summer Seminar Assembly has a dual purpose, primarily to provide the Delegate’s report from the World Service Conference to all Assembly members and also an informal opportunity for all members to learn more about Al-Anon service structure, Traditions, and Concepts.

This is a weekend Assembly, generally occurring Friday evening, Saturday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and Sunday 9:00 am until noon. The Area Alternate Chairperson has traditionally chaired the Summer Seminar Assembly.

–from the Washington Area AFG Handbook, Section 4F-6

Spanish SSA 2021 Flyer (r)
SSA 2021 Schedule Rev 5-11
Spanish SSA Schedule Rev 5-11
Panel Flyer WA
Conflict Resolution F
Outreach WA
Inventory WA
Writing WA
Safety WA
Sponsorship WA (1)
Delegate WA
Virtual WA
Concepts WA
Speaker WA rev 5-11






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