WA Area Pre-Conference Assembly (Pre-Con) March 26-28, 2021 via Zoom

WA Area Pre-Conference is [an Assembly] to give all groups the opportunity to hear and speak to issues, motions, etc. that are discussed at World Service Conference (WSC). Our Area Delegate is our voice. District Representatives give a two-minute report. The Area Chairperson will chair the Pre-Conference Assembly.                                                               –Washington Area AFG Handbook, Section 4F-1

All are welcome to attend and have a voice, but only Group Representatives have a vote

Please note that there is a standing motion that says if Easter is the first weekend in April, we move the Assembly to the last Saturday in March. Easter is the first weekend in April this year, so we will be meeting the last Weekend in March. Also note, this year Sunday from 9:00 to noon has been added to the Assembly. The flier has yet to be drafted, but DRs please inform your members of this important date change. 

                                                                                                –Julie P, WA Area Chair




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