Why Consider Al-Anon

Anyone questioning or concerned about someone’s drinking is welcome to attend Al‑Anon meetings. Many individuals may not realize that their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being are or have been affected by a relative’s or friend’s drinking. Family members and close friends can find support and understanding in the emotionally safe and non-judgmental environment of an Al-Anon meeting.

Referral to Al-Anon as a support group resource is appropriate when clients, consumers or patients are:

  • Admitting that a family member’s drinking is affecting their lives.
  • Addressing a loved one’s misuse of both alcohol and drugs because alcohol is present.
  • Exploring or identifying with others who have a background of alcoholism in their family.

Following up with clients, consumers and patients is recommended to find out if they are attending Al-Anon meetings. A suggestion to attend a least six meetings is often helpful.


Inform clients, consumers and patients:

  • No advance appointment or reservation is needed.
  • Al-Anon meetings are facilitated by members.
  • No dues or fees for membership or attendance; voluntary contributions are accepted.
  • Members exchange their experiences applying our program to their lives without giving each other advice.
  • It is ok to listen to the discussion without speaking.
  • Face to face and virtual meetings (online and telephone) are available.

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